Using a Compost Raft to Help with English Ivy Control

In a previous post last week, we talked about how to create a tree survival ring. Now we will cover how to create a compost raft with the removed ivy. To create a compost raft:

  1. Find a place (preferably flat) about 15 feet away from the tree.
  2. Gather dead branches and sticks at least 3 ft long.
  3. Lay the branches and sticks in a tightly knit cross grid pattern, creating a 1 to 2 foot high platform to stack the removed ivy.
  4. Transfer the ivy removed from the tree and surrounding area to the raft. Tightly wrap the ivy into a ball to prevent it from falling onto the ground.
  5. Pile all ivy onto the raft. Examine and make sure that no ivy is touching the ground.

The remaining ivy on the tree and raft will dry up and die. The decomposing material will provide food and habitat for insects and wildlife.

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