Red Flowering Currant – Native Plant Spotlight

Our native plant fact sheet highlights early, middle or late bloom periods for the native plants that are currently available for our native plant sale. This information provides an important aspect to consider in order to provide forage and habitat for our native pollinators during their lifetime. Plants that extend the seasons by blooming early spring and fall are essential for our native pollinators.

Ribes sanguinem (sanguinem meaning blood red) is an early blooming plant that supports Mason Orchard Bees. These small, blue pollinators need the early nectar  source that Red Flowering Currant provides. Mason Orchard Bees are one of 4,000 native pollinator species in the Pacific Northwest that have adapted to our climate. The gorgeous flowers also attract hummingbirds and the edible, although not tasty fruits, attract birds.

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Anna Beebe, 2019 KCD AmeriCorps Individual Placement

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