Orca Recovery Day 2019 – Birthday Celebration in Bothell

Orca Recovery Day brought communities together to steward their land in over 70 events as far north as British Columbia and as far south as California. At King Conservation District and the City of Bothell’s Parr Creek restoration site, Faith Wimberley gathered her community of friends and family, shovels in hand, to get to work – and to celebrate her 40th birthday! Faith and her loved ones braved the rainy day and helped plant over 300 native trees and shrubs along the Parr Creek shoreline in Bothell. Faith recalls, “at one point I looked up from planting my snowberry to see friends and family working hard in all directions, under a heavy rainfall and socked in skies. I realized that they were doing this for me, and they were also enjoying themselves. It was a fantastic and humbling feeling.”

In the coming years, the plants will grow and offer shade to the creek reducing water temperatures and providing habitat and food for native salmon and other wildlife. After a day of hard work and celebration Faith notes, “I hope that for my 50th I’ll still be in relationship with these kind souls and that I’ll get to walk along that stream bank and see the trees that we planted thriving!”

Faith and friends, KCD wants to thank you for spending a special day giving back in such a meaningful and lasting way. Happy 40th Birthday!

Anne-Gi Chan, AmeriCorps IP, Shorelines Team

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