Orca Recovery Day 2019 – West Seattle

In 2018, Puget Sound Conservation Districts joined together with partner organizations in a conservation day-of-service to connect communities and individuals with direct actions they could take to help our struggling Orca populations.

This year, over 70 events were held by Conservation Districts and partner organizations stretching from British Columbia to Northern California. Most of the events provided volunteers the opportunity to help restore critical salmon habitat along stream and riversides by planting native vegetation that will help keep waters cool, increase insect populations, and reduce erosion. Helping maintain salmon populations directly benefits our orca.

KCD, Green Seattle Partnership, and Seattle Public Utilities hosted a streamside restoration event, straddling public and private lands, on a tributary of Longfellow Creek in West Seattle. Over 30 volunteers came out and helped KCD Washington Conservation Corps crewmembers remove English ivy, Himalayan blackberry, and bamboo from around the stream in preparation for planting native trees and shrubs.

While the morning was cold and wet, that didn’t stop Washington State Representative Joe Fitzgibbon from giving a rousing welcome speech and jumping in to spend the morning pulling invasive weeds. King County Councilmember Joe McDermott also stopped by to see how Conservation Districts are uniquely situated to work across private-public land to get restoration projects done.

It also didn’t dampen the spirits of Girl Scout Troop 40146 who showed up in force and tackled a massive bamboo stand.

Thanks to The Nature Conservancy for sponsoring the West Seattle event and for your staff jumping in and help!

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