One Step Closer, But Not Done Yet

Kign County Local Services Committee

KCD’s Rate Renewal crossed another threshold on Wednesday, November 13, 2019 by getting forwarded out of its subcommittee hearing. A big thank you to all who provided letters of support and who reached out to King County Councilmembers to express your support for the work we do together.

We had an amazing line up of speakers at the hearing. View the hearing here if the video does not load below.

Thanks to your collective efforts, the Local Services and Land Use Committee forwarded a rate structure that fully supports riparian habitat restoration work; provides, for the first time, stable funding for agricultural drainage and wildfire prevention work. It includes, again for the first time, an annual inflationary adjustment. The proposal also provides funding to support a more transparent and accessible election process for KCD’s Board of Supervisors.

Please thank members of the Committee (Councilmembers Kathy Lambert, Larry Gossett, Claudia Balducci and Reagan Dunn) for their leadership and vision.

However, we’re not done yet as we still have to secure approval from the full King County Council.

Please continue your outreach and engagement with Councilmembers Dave Upthegrove, Joe McDermott, Jeanne Kohl-Welles, Pete von Reichbauer and Rod Dembowski. Ask them to support the recommendation from the Local Services Committee. For more information, visit Support KCD.

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