2019 Regional Food System Grant Program Awardee: New Start Community Garden


New Start Community Garden


Garden Produce for School Lunches


This pilot program will teach students and the community about the many uses of herbs and how to grow them. A produce washing sink area will be built in the garden area and processing equipment will be purchased to preserve the herbs and other garden produce. Students will learn food safety skills by using processing equipment to produce dried and fresh herbs for the school and  the White Center Food Bank. Students will study to pass food handling permit exams while learning how to process the herbs, thus increasing employability in the local food industry. A curriculum will be created around the garden and food safety content for future students. The community will be invited to participate in the project via on-site seminars with subjects ranging from creating herbal tea to learning about native pollinators. Eventually, the garden produce and herbs will be able to be supplied to the school lunch program in cooperation with Highline School District. Curriculum surrounding the project may be shared sooner and benefit other area schools.

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