2019 Regional Food System Grant Program Awardee: SnoValley Tilth


SnoValley Tilth


Sound Tenure Alternatives for Small Farms


Alternatives to conventional lease/ownership of farmland is required to advance small farm business resilience in King County. Investments, like infrastructure and soil fertility, becomes a viable option for farms when there are opportunities for long-term leases and the possibility of building equity in the land farmers depend on.

Building on the success of the Experience Farming Project (EFP) and the Working Farmland Partnership, SnoValley Tilth will develop and pilot an alternative land-tenure model that allows farmers to invest in the land they lease, for the good of their businesses and the health of agricultural land, without traditional land lease or purchasing. This project addresses the needs of farm businesses at a pivotal stage when they are ready to grow but cannot find affordable farm land in King County or stable leasing options. SnoValley Tilth will also invest in infrastructure improvements to accommodate the growing number of farmers at this second EFP farm in the Snoqualmie Valley, where the pilot program will take place.

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