How to Take a Sample for KCD Soil Nutrient Testing

It may seem intimidating to go through the process of digging and mixing soil samples to submit to KCD for Soil Nutrient Testing. Once you get the hang of how to do it, you will become proficient and you will find out quite a bit about your soil in the process. In this video from our neighbors at Snohomish Conservation District, you will learn the details about how to dig and mix soil for sending to KCD or any soil testing lab to have a soil nutrient analysis done.

Things to keep in mind about sampling:

  • Make sure the soil isn’t too wet or over saturated.
  • Avoid sampling too close to houses, barns or other buildings.
  • Take about 10 to 15 subsamples to combine into a bucket and then mix to extract one 2-pound sample.
  • Label your samples on the outside of a plastic zipper bag with your last name and a 5-character code meaningful to you and indicate that same name on the Soil Sample Submittal Form.
  • Mail or drop off your samples at KCD’s office in Renton.

Look for a future post about how to interpret your soil test results.

Download the KCD Soil Testing Fact Sheet PDF

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