Cooperator Spotlight: Trish Borden and Lee Valenta

Cooperator Spotlight: Trish Borden and Lee Valenta

KCD’s 2020 Native Plant Sale wrapped-up this past weekend, and KCD cooperators Trish Borden and Lee Valenta, already have their plants in the ground! Last Sunday, with help from a small group of family and friends, Trish and Lee planted 130 native trees on their Auburn property!

Trish and Lee are no strangers to planting trees and stewarding their land. They’ve been planting Douglas fir, Western red cedar, alder, and other species on their property for the past 25 years. More recently, they partnered with KCD in 2019 to do a streamside enhancement project through KCD’s Urban Riparian Habitat Stewardship Program and Landowner Incentive Program. The project resulted in removal of invasive weeds, such as yellow flag iris and Himalayan blackberry, and planting of nearly 700 native trees and shrubs along their reach of Bowman Creek. In the same year, Trish and Lee also completed WSU Extension’s Forest Stewardship Coached Planning course and wrote a Forest Stewardship Plan with some assistance from KCD’s Forest Stewardship Program.

Trish’s commitment to environmental stewardship is not confined to just her property. In her free time, she educates local students and community members about Bowman Creek and continues to seek out opportunities to improve the health of the creek on a larger scale.

For tips on how to be an excellent environmental steward, like Trish and Lee, contact KCD today!

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