Member Jurisdiction Grant Program Awards Nearly $900k Assisting 20 Jurisdictions in 2019

Here are the projects funded by KCD’s Member Jurisdiction Grant Program in 2019. Visit Member Jurisdiction Grant Program and KCD-Seattle Community Partnership Grants for specific information about those programs.

$20,000 to the City of Auburn for the 2019 Auburn International Farmers Market – Marketing & Demonstrations

Raise awareness among community residents about access to healthy food, farm to table, and what’s available at Auburn’s International Farmers Market through an aggressive marketing plan and professional gardening, cooking, and healthy living demonstrations.

$20,000 to the City of Bellevue for the Lewis Creek Park Interpretive Signage

Design and install five interpretive signs at Lewis Creek Park. Panel content is designed to maximize usefulness to multilingual park-going population.

$20,000 to the City of Bellevue for the Coal Creek Natural Area Phase 2 Interpretive Signage

Interpretive signage about natural resources in the Coal Creek Natural Area focusing on habitat and wildlife. These exhibits will tie in with an already-existing group of exhibits in the park featuring history related information.

$27,296 to the City of Shoreline for the 2019 Richmond Beach Saltwater Park Habitat Restoration

Sustain native habitat restoration efforts at this city park by restoring a .24-acre area, maintaining approximately 3 acres of restored areas, and clearing and stabilizing a .05 acre steep slope area.

$80,000 to the City of Issaquah for Green Issaquah

Through a partnership with Forterra a city-wide forest health assessment will be conducted for Issaquah parks and natural areas. This information will be used to create a 20-year Green Issaquah restoration plan.

$29,880.72 to the City of Sammamish for 2019 Stormwater Outreach

Triangle Associates on behalf of the City of Sammamish will adapt and provide classroom stormwater workshops and interactive community event booths based on lessons learned from 2018 stormwater outreach. Outreach will align with regional messaging.

$210,000 to King County for the 2019 Keeping Farmers Farming, King County Agriculture Program

The goal of the King County Agriculture Program is to conserve farmland and agricultural soils, increase the economic success of farm enterprises, and improve farm management practices to protect soil, water quality and wildlife.

$12,747 to the City of Kirkland for the Pet Waste Bacteria Monitoring, Education, and Outreach

This is a targeted dog waste disposal outreach campaign paired with a scientific exploration of the impacts of dog waste on water quality to better inform future outreach efforts.

$16,896 to the City of Renton for the 2019 Renton Farmers Market

Utilizing a combination of marketing, advertising and onsite programming, continue to raise awareness about the Renton Farmers Market (RFM). Expand the market footprint to include more vendors and conduct an in-depth survey to obtain market information.

$13,000 to Des Moines Farmers Market for the 2019 Low Income Senior Healthy Eating Initiative

Our unique Low Income Senior Healthy Eating Program helps King County low-income senior participants purchase fresh fruits, vegetables, bread and other qualifying food items at the Des Moines Farmers Market through a weekly $10 in free market tokens.

$52,583.50 to EarthCorps for the 2019-22 Seahurst Park Shoreline & Forest Vegetation Stewardship

In partnership with the City of Burien, begin new restoration in the area between SW Seahurst Park Rd and the upper parking lot, continue ivy removal along the park entrance road, and continue stewardship, monitoring and reporting of the shoreline restoration.

$29,239 to Coastal Geologic Services, Inc. for the 2019 Seahurst Park South and North Beach Monitoring

In partnership with the City of Burien, topographic monitoring, beach volume change, and substrate characterization of the North and South areas of the shoreline restoration project at Seahurst Park. This will constitute Year 14 monitoring for the South area, and Year 5 for the North.

$12,900 to Environmental Coalition of South Seattle (ECOSS) for the City of Renton Spill Kit Incentive Program

ECOSS will provide spill kit training to non-permitted small businesses to increase stormwater pollution prevention awareness and perform best management practices. As incentive, businesses will receive free spill kits, training and materials.

$36,970 to the City of Shoreline for the Master Native Plant Stewards Ecological Restoration

Continue restoration work led by trained community volunteers at Boeing Creek Park, Brugger’s Bog Park, Hamlin Park, Shoreview Park, and Twin Ponds Park.

$15,000 to the City of Newcastle for the Newcastle Citizen Survey: Stormwater Awareness, Attitudes, and Behavior

This project will involve a telephone survey and associated data analysis to assess Newcastle Citizen awareness, attitudes, and behaviors relative to stormwater runoff.

$50,000 to the City of Bellevue for the Bellevue Parks Open Space Forest Health Assessment

The City of Bellevue Parks Department intends on completing a comprehensive forest health assessment and inventory of all open space properties managed by the Natural Resource Division using the Forest Landscape Assessment Tool (FLAT).

$143,700 to the City of Kent for the Urban-Natural Area Management Plan (Phase 1 & 2)

As part of a multi-phase approach to improve degraded natural areas, the City of Kent is seeking to develop an Urban-Natural Area Management Plan. This comprehensive plan will assess natural area assets as well as identify key areas of improvement.

$40,000 to Des Moines Area Food Bank for the On-the-Grow Learning Garden Truck 2019-20

On-the-Grow Learning Garden Truck engages, educates, and equips our urban communities to eat and grow healthy food, promoting an urban agriculture model which uses sustainable methods to support food growers.

$25,000 to Bellevue for the Native Discovery Garden Enhancement Project – Phase 2

This project builds on the success of the NDG Enhancement Project by extending the visitor experience into enhanced native woodlands on an accessible crushed rock trail.  It is part of a larger Garden-wide strategy to remove barriers to inclusion.

$6,400 to Futurewise for the Algona Wetland Education & Enhancement Project

Futurewise, along with Home Town Community Services and the City of Algona, will work with Algona community members and teachers from the Auburn School District to coordinate a wetland education and enhancement plan for an 8-acre, city-owned wetland.

$2,180.09 to the City of Clyde Hill for the 2017 Arbor Day Celebration & $1,866.60 to the City of Clyde Hill for the 2018 Arbor Day Celebration

Raise awareness about the importance of trees with this annual event at Clyde Hill Elementary School where students receive a tree to take home and participate in poem and poster contests about trees.

$27,138 to the Environmental Science Center for the Environmental Heroes: Improving Watershed Health and Salmon Habitat Through Education and Outreach

In partnership with 7 Member Jurisdictions, Environmental Science Center will increase public awareness of watershed health and salmon habitat protection through student field study programs. Students and their families will learn positive behavior changes to improve water quality of Puget Sound.

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