Guest Post: From Ivy to Amazing

This week, Tera Johnson shares how she’s transforming her property with native plants.

A year ago this was ivy from the grass, all the way down to the fence (you can see that I’m still surrounded by it outside my property line), and was completely engulfing the big leaf maples.

I tore out all the ivy myself over the course of the year and aside from a couple of shrubs that popped up once they had some room, all the plants are from King Conservation District. The cascaras and cedars were given to me for volunteering with KCD and the rest are from KCD’s Native Plant Sale and will (hopefully) get big and strong and fill in.

Good timing, as there is evidence of some erosion just on the other side of the fence down to the small creek that is behind me, so hopefully the plants will have time to grow deep roots to help keep that hill together!

Looking forward to adding more native plants as time goes on. Thank you for everything you do! Can’t wait to volunteer with you again!

Tera Johnson

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