Community Ag Program Supports Freeway Estates Community Orchard

Dear community members,

King Conservation District’s Culturally Relevant Seed Starts (CRSS) Program had a great success this season even during these unprecedented times. A team of seven at KCD grew seed starts in their respective homes and then delivered them to community gardens in King County (curbside pick ups were also available). About 2,000 seed starts were given out to several community gardens that mostly serve low income communities of color in King County. One of the recipients, Freeway Estates Community Orchard, wrote a wonderful article highlighting the culturally relevant seeds they were able to grow. Check out their article and the garden for opportunities to get involved!

Global Gardening With KCD

Look out for a new blog post coming soon that highlights this season’s CRSS program successes in depth!

Cly Samson, KCD Community Agriculture Program Coordinator

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