Wildfire Smoke Descends on Western Washington

The smoky haze hanging over Puget Sound blew in with strong winds from fires in Eastern Washington. These winds, paired with the dry conditions in Western Washington, increase the chances of a large wildfire event west of the Cascades. Wildfires have already sparked up in and around Sumner, Enumclaw, Everett and other outlying areas of King County over the last few weeks.

Want to protect your home and community? It is never too late to prepare for wildfire.

See what KCD Wildfire and Forest Resiliency Program Coordinator Matt Axe looks for in a Wildfire Home Risk Evaluation Walk.

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Want to take a deeper dive? Matt also recorded a webinar covering wildfire patterns in Western Washington, what to look for when evaluating your home and community for wildfire risk, and ways to make your home more wildfire resilient.

If you are interested in more information or remote technical assistance, visit Wildfire Resiliency Services.

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