King County Farm Business CARES Act Grant and “Ready to Sell” Programs

King County Council has allocated a portion of the County’s CARES Act funding to support segments of the County agricultural community. One of the program components is focused on reimbursing individual farm businesses for losses related to COVID-19.  King County is now accepting applications for reimbursement through the program via the online portal. King County will also accept applications via email or surface mail and have provided applications in both Spanish and Hmong; other languages may be supported on a case-by-case basis.

General Program Guidelines

King County will issue reimbursement grants to successful applicants for COVID-19 expenses incurred between March 1, 2020 and the date of the grant application. They would like to receive applications by October 15, 2020, although applications received after that date will be accepted, pending availability of funds. Reimbursements will initially be limited to a maximum of $1,000, but requests for larger reimbursement amounts will be considered.


Applicants must meet each of the following program eligibility criteria:

  1. Farm will have commercial operations in 2020
  2. Farm will operate under current and future COVID-19 safety guidelines as developed by County and State health agencies.
  3. Have or expect to experience financial loss due to COVID-19

Eligible Expenses

Unanticipated expenses incurred as a result of the need to meet public health COVID-19 guidelines that are not covered by other County, State or Federal reimbursement programs are eligible for reimbursement. Eligible expenses include purchase of PPE, purchase and construction of employee and customer safety infrastructure (e.g., farm stand upgrades), purchase of supplies needed to adapt to changes in farm operation (e.g., disposable bags for u-pick operations, additional boxes for CSA expansions). Applicants chosen to receive an award will be required to provide invoices or proof of payment as part of the disbursement process. These funds are intended to support farm businesses that will continue operations.

How to Apply

Farm operators can apply for a grant in one of the following ways (one application for each farm business):

  1. Use the online form on the project website. If assistance is required to complete the form, applicants should call 206-477-3876; an interpreter can be provided if needed.
  2. Farm operators may also print out a language-appropriate translation of the application, fill it out (in the same language as the form), and submit it in one of two ways:
    • Send the completed form by U.S. Mail, FedEx, or UPS to:
      Agricultural Assistance Program
      King County Department of Natural Resources and Parks
      201 S Jackson Street, Suite 600
      Seattle, WA 98104
    • Scan the completed form and email it to
  3. Once King County receives the application, they will generate a grant agreement and will work with the farm operator to submit an invoice for reimbursement. All funds must be distributed by December 30.

“Ready to Sell” Small Farm E-Commerce Program – King County
Muaj Daim Ntawv Thov Kev Pab Muag Lawm – King County

Applications Due: WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 7 – before 5:00pm PST
TXOG CAIJ HNUB KAWG THOV KEV PAB: Lub Kaum Hli Ntuj Tim 7, 2020 5:00 PM PST

Program Cost: FREE
Program Raug Nqi: Pub dawb

Farmers located in King County who are seeking to develop tools and strategies to effectively use e-commerce platforms to sell their products are encouraged to apply. The program will run from October to November, and will consist of a mix of on-demand video content, live questions and answers with other farmers who are experienced users of e-commerce platforms, and mentorship and support from other farmers and the platforms themselves.

What they are providing:

  • One year of fully-funded basic-level membership on either Barn2DoorLocal Line, or Local Food Marketplace. Farms are welcome to participate in the program without using one of the platforms if they are just interested in receiving the educational components of the program.
  • Three modules of tailored content, which will include on-demand video presentations (watchable at your convenience during the given program weeks) and live question and answer sessions with farmers who have deep e-commerce experience.
  • Mentor sessions with farmers and platforms.
  • Translation and additional language and content support for Hmong-language participants.

For General Questions and Support – Contact Henry Wong ( or 206-324-4330x145 (9am-5pm Mon-Fri)

Rau kev txhawb nqa hmoob – Sib cuag Cynthia Yongvang:

Peb tab tom saib cov ntaub ntawv thov kev pab tuaj ntawm cov neeg ua qoob loo nyob hauv King County cov uas tab tom nrhiav kev pab tsim kho tej cuab yeej siv thiab tej tswv yim txhawm rau siv e-commerce kom tau zoo los muag lawv tej khoom. Qhov kev pab no yuav ua hauj lwm thaum lub Kaum Hli mus txog lub Kaum Ib Hlis, thiab yuav muaj ntau cov ntsiab lus hais ua vis dis aus, hais lus rau hnov rau pom kiag tam sim ntawd nrog cov nqe lus nug thiab nqe lus teb nrog lwm cov neeg ua qoob loo uas paub zoo txog kev siv e-commerce, thiab kev sib qhia thiab sib pab txhawb los ntawm lwm cov neeg ua qoob loo thiab tej ntaub ntawv ntawm lawv tus kheej.

Peb npaj dab tsi:

  • Npaj pab nyiaj kom txwm nkaus ib lub xyoos Barn2DoorLocal Line, los sis Local Food Marketplace
  • Peb yam qauv ntsiab lus uas yuav tau muab tso rau hauv cov vis dis qaus uas siv nthuav qhia (saib rau thaum koj khoom) thiab mus qhov pom kiag thiab saib tau kiag qhov muaj lus nug thiab lus teb nrog lwm cov neeg ua qoob loo nrog rau cov paub siv e-commerce
  • Muaj tshooj sib qhia nrog cov neeg ua qoob loo thiab tej ntaub ntawv ub no
  • Muaj kev txhais lus thiab lwm yam ntaub ntawv pab txhawb ua lus Hmoob rau cov neeg Hmoob
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