Spotlight: Delridge to Duwamish

Delridge Neighborhood Development Association has been the steward of a wetland restoration project in the heart of West Seattle for more than three years. Students from Louisa Boren STEM K-8 school have been involved with the site restoration from the beginning. They’ve monitored water quality and plant growth and made signs demonstrating their learning of the different wetland zones. Students and community members have also been removing invasive weeds and planting native plants which restores the wetland’s function as a filter for stormwater flowing into Longfellow Creek. Rainwater from the surrounding streets flows into the wetland where pollutants get filtered out before reaching the creek. These water quality improvements give salmon in the creek a better chance to reach Puget Sound, resulting in a healthier food source for resident Orcas.

KCD is happy to support community projects like the Delridge Wetland Park and Stewardship Project. Urban wetlands help improve water quality by filtering pollution and also reduce flooding impacts. Wetlands also provide a greenspace for all to enjoy. Delridge Park greenspace serves as an outdoor classroom and teaching garden for nearby schools. Although teaching in the outdoor classroom and garden has been on hold to keep the community safe during COVID restrictions, produce grown in the teaching garden has been donated to local community members and food banks.

For more details, check out Delridge Neighborhoods Development Association: Wetland Workshops. And see check out the Green-Duwamish Journey from Duwamish Alive Coalition.

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