Salmon Return to Newaukum and Boise Creeks

Salmon, Middle Fork, Newaukum Creek, Enumclaw
Salmon, Middle Fork, Newaukum Creek, Enumclaw

KCD cooperators around the Enumclaw plateau are starting to see and hear the salmon return after recent rainfall. This photo is from the Middle Fork of Newaukum Creek. If you live along a creek, here are some helpful tools to identify salmon that may be returning to your area.

Some other species to look for in area creeks might be crayfish, benthic macroinvertebrates, freshwater mussels, Pacific lamprey or others.

And mammals that frequent riparian areas may also include beavers, mountain beavers, river otters, raccoons and more.

Some birds also like creeks, and may show up during spawning season include American Dipper BirdBelted KingfisherGreat Blue HeronBald Eagle and more.

If you are interested in getting outside to enjoy the return of fall, visit 2020 Salmon SEEson to find self-guided sites and virtual opportunities. If you decide to visit a self-guided site near you, please remember to recreate responsibly. Not all creeks in King County have viewing areas listed on the map, so get out in your neighborhood and do some exploration. Let us know what you find!

Connecting with nature now to help get some beneficial vitamin D before the gloomy days of rain and winter are upon us.

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SalmonScape is a tool you can use to determine the classification of a creek near you or anywhere in Washington State.

Note: KCD’s Stream Steward Program has been on hiatus. If you have been or are interested in that program, please make sure you are signed up for KCD’s newsletter to be notified when/if that program restarts in the future.

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