King Conservation District Candidate Filing Deadline for 2021 Board Election

King Conservation District (KCD) will be holding its annual board election to fill an open Board of Supervisors seat in March. The filing deadline to run for the elected open board position is Tuesday, February 2, 2021 at 5:00 p.m. Those interested in running for this elected position can learn more at

KCD is a natural resources assistance agency authorized by Washington State and guided by the Washington State Conservation Commission (WSCC). Its mission is to promote the sustainable use of natural resources through responsible stewardship. KCD promotes conservation through demonstration projects, educational events, technical assistance and, in some cases, providing or pointing the way to funds which may be available for projects. KCD has no regulatory or enforcement authority and only works with those who choose to work with KCD.

An all-volunteer, five-member Board of Supervisors is responsible for overseeing all KCD programs and activities. Three of the supervisors are elected while two are appointed by the WSCC, which assists and guides conservation district activities in Washington state. Each supervisor serves a three-year term and oversees the operations of KCD. Supervisors contribute local perspectives on important natural resource management and conservation issues, seek feedback about conservation programs from district residents, set KCD policy, and direct KCD’s work plan and budget.

One of KCD’s WSCC-appointed board positions is also up for appointment in 2021. The filing deadline for consideration to the appointed supervisor opening is Wednesday, March 31, 2021. Appointed positions go through a different process than elected positions. Those interested can also learn more by going to

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