Member Jurisdiction Grant Program Awards Nearly $662,000 in 2020

KCD’s Member Jurisdiction Grant Program recently approved awards for nearly $662,000 to cities and nonprofit organizations in 2020.

$2,210 to the Town of Beaux Arts Village for the Academy Path and Adjacent Woods Restoration

This funding supports the purchase of native plants and a landscape design plan to revegetate the understory and area surrounding a community path that has been cleared of ivy and other invasive species.

$30,000 to the City of Bellevue for the Lake Hills Greenbelt Knotweed Restoration

The scope of this project will involve the removal of non-native Japanese knotweed and the planting of native vegetation at Lake Hills Greenbelt within the City of Bellevue.

$10,000 to the City of Bellevue for the Translated Materials – Natural Resource Conflict Outreach

Create translated outreach materials focusing on natural resource-related conflicts in Bellevue. Outreach materials’ subjects will include forest management and wildlife-related conflicts.

$35,000 to the City of Bellevue for the Scoping Animal Relief Areas for Bellevue

Domestic animal waste is a major pollutant and cause of tree and plant spoilage in right-of-way landscapes. This project proposes development of detailed drawings for animal relief areas in public spaces and recommendations for Land Use Code revision.

$24,000 to the City of Bellevue for the Natural Resource Animated Short Videos

Produce three or four short, animated videos to educate people on wildlife interactions, proper park etiquette, and the value of trees. Videos will be shown before Movies in the Park and used on other Bellevue social media sites.

$50,000 to the City of Issaquah for the Lower Issaquah Creek Stream and Riparian Habitat Enhancement Project

This project would design and implement a combination of stream and riparian habitat restoration and enhancements for salmon and other wildlife on City-owned parcels along approximately 1,200 feet of the east bank of Lower Issaquah Creek.

$198,000 to the City of Kenmore for the Squire’s Landing Park Waterfront and Natural Open Space Access Project

The overall project (renamed ƛ’ a x̌w a d i s, and pronounced Tl’ awh-ah-dees) is 7.3 acres with 1.5 acres park infrastructure, 4.2 acres critical areas, and preserved 1.6 acres. This grant will fund creation of a habitat conservation and stewardship plan and construction of 4.2 acres of restoration areas.

$29,870 to the City of Sammamish for the 2020 Stormwater Outreach

Triangle Associates, on behalf of the City of Sammamish, will adapt and provide classroom stormwater workshops and interactive community event booths based on lessons learned in 2019 stormwater outreach. Outreach will align with regional messaging.

$30,000 to the City of Tukwila for the Green Tukwila Implementation 2020-2021

This funding will build upon the Green Tukwila program by growing expanding stewardship opportunities, increasing education and outreach initiatives, implementing pilot park improvement project, and continuing to build capacity within Tukwila.

$19,965 to White River Valley Museum for the 2020 Farm Program and Project Support

Continued support of Mary Olson Farm’s summer open hours and fall fieldtrip programs as well as continuing and new farm gardens and landscape projects with City of Auburn Member Jurisdiction funding.

$20,000 to the City of Auburn for the 2020 Auburn International Farmers Market (AIFM) – Marketing and Demonstrations

Through an aggressive marketing campaign, gardening, cooking, and healthy living demonstrations the Auburn International Farmers Market plans to increase access to local farm products and healthy living practices to the South King County community.

$172,500 to King County for the Keeping Farmers Farming, King County Agriculture Program 2020

Goals of King County’s Agriculture Program are to conserve farmland and agricultural soils, increase the economic success of farm enterprises, and improve farm management practices to protect soil, water quality and wildlife.

$30,000 to the City of Kirkland for the Yard Smart Rain Rewards

This project provides technical assistance and rebates to improve water quality in Kirkland’s ’s creeks and lakes through the installation of at least seven Green Stormwater Infrastructure (GSI) retrofit projects on private property.

$11,750 to Des Moines Waterfront Farmers Market for the 2020 Low Income Senior Healthy Eating Initiative

Des Moines Waterfront Farmers Market’s unique Low Income Senior Healthy Eating Program helps King County low-income senior participants purchase fresh fruits, vegetables, bread and other qualifying food items at the market through a weekly offering of $10 value market tokens for free.

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