KCD Union Contract Approved by Board

Photo of KCD Staff outside

KCD leadership and staff, working with their union representatives from the Washington Federation of State Employees (WFSE), have been working diligently to negotiate a union contract. We are excited to announce that with yesterday’s Board vote, KCD has authorized its first ever union contract.

This contract represents a commitment by KCD to a workplace built on collaboration, mutual respect, and a shared dedication to our mission.

It is our belief that this contract will make KCD a stronger organization. It will promote the retention of skilled employees and keep KCD competitive in recruiting new talent.

As KCD continues our work to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in our programs and in our workforce, this contract will help ensure that we have the foundations necessary to build a healthy and inclusive workplace.

Thank you to the dedicated staff who put in long hours working with WFSE and KCD leadership to ensure the success of this effort.

KCD Board of Supervisors

Burr Mosby, Chair
Kirstin Haugen ,Vice-Chair
Bill Knutsen
Jim Haack
Chris Porter

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