Spring 2021 Where The Water Begins Virtual Workshops

Do you live along the King County marine shoreline? Want to know more about the unique location of your home and how to improve ecological function while supporting your needs?

Join us for KCD’s FREE Where the Water Begins webinar. Our guest presenters provide insight on geology, ecology and vegetation management specific to your beach or bluff property.

Licensed Engineering Geologist, John Bethel, presents on the geologic history of the Puget sound, coastal bluff processes, beach formation and longshore drift.

Senior Ecologist at King County Department of Natural Resources, Kollin Higgins, discusses nearshore ecology, sea level rise, and human impacts on the Puget sound.

Forester and Natural Resource Consultant at Greenbelt Consulting, Elliot Menashe, speaks about vegetation management best practices including installing native plants, stormwater, erosion, and slope stability.

Ask our experts your burning questions! King County marine shoreline homeowners who attend this webinar may qualify for an in person or virtual technical assistance visit for a more in depth dive into your own property.

Sign up to attend one of our two remaining 2021 Where the Water begins webinars today!

Topics covered during these workshops:

  • Geologic History of Puget Sound Shorelines
  • Coastal Bluff Processes, Beach Formation and Longshore Drift
  • Unique fish and wildlife species of the Puget Sound
  • Alternatives to bulkheads and armoring
  • Managing trees and shrubs for views
  • Utilizing plants to manage water, stabilize slopes, and create wildlife habitat on your property.
  • Landscaping practices that improve or weaken slope stability.
  • Invasive weed control and Native plant selection

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