KCD Board of Supervisors Updates

KCD is excited to welcome Brittney Bush Bollay who was seated on KCD’s Board of Supervisors this week after winning the 2021 KCD Board of Supervisors Election for Position 3. Bollay comes to KCD with prior experience serving on the Board of Directors with Sierra Club Seattle since 2017.

KCD is also welcoming back Bill Knutsen, who was reappointed by the Washington Conservation Commission, for another three-year term.

We are also saying goodbye and thank you for your service to Jim Haack. Jim did not run for re-election for Position 3. Jim has been involved with KCD since 2014 when he served on KCD’s Advisory Committee and was later elected KCD’s Board of Supervisors.

Two of KCD’s five board positions are appointed by the Washington Conservation Commission, while the other three are elected positions.

More information about KCD’s Board of Supervisors

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