2021 Regional Food System Grant Program Awardee: Black Food Sovereignty Coalition


Black Food Sovereignty Coalition


Back to the Root: PNW BIPOC Food Network Development


Black Food Sovereignty Coalition will host a set of virtual convenings to create “a thoughtful approach to exploring what a series of interconnected networking groups of BIPOC growers across the Pacific Northwest could look like.” Building on the success of the annual Back to the Root (BTTR) Conference for Black and Brown identified growers, educators, and advocates, BFSC will use a network development strategy to build opportunities to connect Black and Brown growers in the PNW, with a particular focus on King County. Regionally based, interconnected networks will offer BIPOC farmers greater opportunities for collaboration, support, inspiration, and learning; fostering BIPOC-led regional, regenerative, and community-rooted food systems that are more resilient to shocks and stressors, and contribute to increasing diversity and equity in local food systems.

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