Member Jurisdiction Grant Program Awards $638k in 2021

In 2021, KCD’s Member Jurisdiction Grant Program awarded $638,000 to cities, King County, and nonprofit organizations for projects that improve natural resources through direct action, education and outreach, demonstration or pilot projects and capacity building. Member Jurisdiction dollars support a wide variety of activities including increasing attendance and access to healthy, local food at farmers markets, improving the urban forest canopy, post-construction monitoring of eelgrass and culverts, shoreline restoration, volunteer-led restoration at local parks, removing invasive weeds and raising awareness about stormwater pollution.

KCD is made up of thirty-five Member Jurisdictions (34 cities and unincorporated King County). A portion of KCD’s revenue collected from Member Jurisdictions is set aside as grants for conservation projects prioritized by that Member Jurisdiction. Some jurisdictions utilize the funds for internal conservation projects, while others partner with a community group to carry out a conservation project.

You can see previous projects awarded here. To see funds available for your city in 2022 click here.


$15,000 to City of Auburn

2021 Auburn International Farmers Market (AIFM)

Through an aggressive marketing campaign, virtual gardening, cooking, and healthy living demonstrations, the market plans to increase access to local farm products and healthy living practices to the South King County community. For more information contact Amanda Valdez.

$15,113 to White River Valley Museum

Mary Olson Farm

Mary Olson Farm received continued support for programming including: open hours and field trip support, invasive species removal and plantings, and improvements to its historic chicken coop. For more information contact Rachael McAlister.


$30,000 to City of Bellevue

Bellevue Tree Giveaway

This grant supports a pilot tree giveaway program for Bellevue residents to increase tree planting on private property. The program will help achieve the city’s 40% tree canopy goal by 2050 by focusing on neighborhoods with lower tree canopy. For more information contact Jennifer Ewing.

$35,000 to City of Bellevue

Mercer Slough Blueberry Farm

Hardhack has been aggressively spreading throughout the Overlake Blueberry Farm. This project will apply a cut/dab herbicide technique to hardhack canes without harming blueberry plants and improve blueberry plant health and future fruit yields. For more information contact Jammie Kingham.


$40,266 to Anchor QEA

Seahurst Park Phase II Post-Construction Eelgrass Survey 2021

The project conducts post-construction eelgrass surveys at Seahurst Park to understand how the shoreline armoring removal project has affected eelgrass habitat, which salmon populations rely on and indicate a healthy ecosystem. For more information contact Elizabeth Greene.

Clyde Hill

$1,773.87 to City of Clyde Hill

2019 Arbor Day Celebration

Clyde Hill Elementary School students will learn about the value and benefits of trees by creating poems and posters, taking home trees, and participating in the annual planting of a tree at city hall. For more information contact Courtney Benjamin.

Des Moines

$14,000 to Des Moines Farmers Market

2021 Senior Low-Income Healthy Eating Initiative

Des Moines Farmers Market’s unique Low Income Senior Healthy Eating Program helps King County low-income senior participants purchase fresh fruits, vegetables, bread and other qualifying food items at the Des Moines Farmers Market through weekly $10 free market tokens. For more information contact DMFM President Kim Richmond.

King County

$172,300 to King County

2021 Keeping Farmers Farming King County Agriculture Program

The goal of the KC Agriculture Program, supported with KCD (King Conservation District) funding, is to conserve farmland and agricultural soils, increase the economic success of farm enterprises, improve farm management practices to protect soil, water quality and wildlife. For more information contact Maureen Dahlstrom.

Maple Valley

$93,641 to City of Maple Valley

Jenkins Creek Fish Passage Culvert Monitoring

The City installed two fish passage culverts conveying Jenkins Creek, one in 2018 and one in 2021, and a third is planned for construction in 2022. This grant will cover monitoring for 5-years for each of the three culverts to verify effectiveness. For more information contact Halley Kimball.

Mercer Island

$90,000 to City of Mercer Island

Luther Burbank Park South Shoreline Restoration

This shoreline restoration will improve lake water quality and nearshore fish habitat using habitat gravel and large woody debris. The project also relocates a trail, removes invasive plants, and installs new native plantings. For more information contact Paul West.


$4,533.50 to City of Newcastle

Adopt a Drain

Adopt a Drain asks residents to adopt a storm drain in their neighborhood and keep it clear of leaves, trash, and other debris to reduce water pollution. Residents volunteer fifteen minutes for cleaner waterways and healthier communities. For more information contact Mathew Kwartin.

Normandy Park

$38,000 to Restoration Analytics and Design

Normandy Park Community Forester Stewardship Program

Continuation of the successful City of Normandy Park Community Forester Stewardship Program from October 2021 through May 2023 by providing services in Community Forester steward training, and community volunteer recruitment, training, and coordination. For more information contact Joy Wood.


$58,100 to City of Shoreline

Green Shoreline Partnership 2021

Manage the Green Shoreline Partnership including supporting and recruiting Forest Stewards, hosting volunteer opportunities, promoting the community, creating educational resources and workshops, and continuing restoration at identified parks. For more information contact Joseph Callaghan.


$30,600 to City of Sammamish

2021-2022 Stormwater Outreach

On behalf of the City of Sammamish, Triangle Associates will adapt and provide classroom stormwater workshops and interactive community event booths incorporating lessons learned in 2020-2021. Outreach will align with regional messaging. For more information contact Lisa Werre.

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