Where the Water Begins Presenter Spotlight: Elliott Menashe

Elliott Mensahe

Weaving humor, tough love, and native plant expertise, Elliott Menasche, a forester and natural resource planner, will be presenting about utilizing native plants for slope stabilization and shoreline protection in KCD’s upcoming Where the Water Begins workshops and beach walks.

The workshops and beach walks are designed to provide marine beach and bluff homeowners with information on recognizing and minimizing slope instability and landslides, using native vegetation to reduce erosion, and improving fish and wildlife habitat.

Elliott Menashe has been a natural resource management and planning consultant since 1987. His Whidbey Island-based firm, Greenbelt Consulting, provides forest management services, low-impact development planning guidance, permitting assistance services, and shoreline planning, management, mitigation, and restoration services.

Elliott has written several articles published in various newspapers, textbooks, field guides and other print media and has presented professional papers at symposiums, conferences, and workshops on environmental topics. He has provided educational services for numerous agencies, organizations, and universities throughout the Pacific Northwest. He has been the subject of, or featured in, several articles published by the local and regional press.

Topics covered by Elliott will include:

  • Planting and maintaining native trees and shrubs for the purposes of protecting property and restoring natural functions to the site
  • Managing trees and shrubs for views
  • Utilizing a forest’s natural functions to manage water and stabilize slopes
  • Landscaping practices that improve or weaken slope stability
  • Creating a site management plan
  • Tree maintenance
  • Invasive weed control
  • Native plant selection

Be sure to join him and our other marine shoreline experts at one of the upcoming Where the Water Begins workshops and beach walks on May 14 and 21.

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