Where the Water Begins Presenter Spotlight: Kollin Higgins

Ask Kollin about his favorite marine animal and you may be surprised to learn it’s not the salmon he spends his time protecting but rather the unassuming ratfish, with its large front teeth and beautiful swimming technique. Kollin Higgins, Senior Ecologist for King County Department of Natural Resources, will be presenting at our Where the Water Begins workshops and beach walks on May 14 and 21 about salmon, ratfish, and how to protect marine fish and wildlife when you live on Puget Sound.

Where the Water Begins workshop and beach walks provide marine beach and bluff homeowners with information on minimizing slope instability and landslides, using native vegetation to reduce erosion, and improving fish and wildlife habitat.

Kollin has a deep appreciation of and knowledge about protecting our marine environment. Since 1999, Kollin’s work for the County has focused on supporting salmon recovery efforts throughout King County’s various watersheds. Kollin’s experience includes documenting juvenile salmonids for a large marine fish sampling, inventorying marine shoreline infrastructure and feeder bluffs, and providing technical and policy assistance for the County’s Shoreline Master Plan.

Workshop topics covered by Kollin will include:

  • How Puget Sound beaches and bluffs connect to the marine ecosystem
  • Unique fish and wildlife species of the Puget Sound
  • Building wildlife habitat on your property
  • Alternatives to bulkheads and armoring

Be sure to join him and our other marine shoreline experts at one of the upcoming Where the Water Begins workshops and beach walks on May 14 and 21.

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