KCD Community Agriculture Cover Crop Giveaway

Red Clover Cover Crop

KCD is happy to be providing free cover crop seeds to community gardens in King County for the fifth consecutive year!

Cover crops increase soil organic matter and fertility, improve soil structure, suppress weeds, and reduce erosion and compaction. Plus, they produce beautiful, flowers that are a home and food source for pollinators! Although you might think of cover crops being used primarily on larger-scale farms, they can also be utilized in garden beds and container gardens, as well as amongst perennials, to prevent your precious soil nutrients from being washed away during winter months.

This year, KCD is offering crimson clover and field peas. These nitrogen-fixers make nutrients more bioavailable to your crops and improve long-term soil health and production! For best results, plant in September or by October 15 as they need daylight and moderate soil temperature to germinate before the heavy rains and first frost return.

Request your cover crop seeds here! All requests must be received by July 29. Pick-up/delivery dates are TBD. Pick-ups will take place at KCD’s office in Renton.

Let’s grow something great together!

  • Crimson clover
  • Crimson clover and field peas

Request your cover crop seeds now!

Miranda Smith, Community Agriculture Program Coordinator

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