Cover Crop Distributed to 40 Community Gardens

This week we gave away 1,300 pounds of crimson clover and field pea cover crop seeds to 40 community gardens across King County!

Once the work of growing is done, cover cropping is an important way for gardeners to protect soil over the winter and get a head start for next season. The roots hold the soil in place through the Washington rains and prevent nutrients from being washed away into our waterways. The biomass competes with weeds and imparts nutrients and nitrogen to the soil when turned over in spring. And the spring flowers make great food and habitat for pollinators. September to early October is the time to plant, so now is a great time to secure the seeds you’ll need!

In addition to our cover crop seed giveaway, KCD’s Community Agriculture Program provides a variety of services to community gardens across King County, from free culturally-relevant seed starts and compost to technical assistance and “seed money” grants to new community gardens. If you work with a community garden and would like to take part in our services, please reach out to our new Community Agriculture Program Coordinator

Let’s grow something great together!

  • Crimson clover
  • Crimson clover and field peas

Miranda Smith, Community Agriculture Program Coordinator

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