KCD WCC Crews Reflect on Their Service Year and Plans for the Future

KCD’s 2021-2022 Washington Conservation Corps crew members recently wrapped up their year of service. We asked them to share some of their reflections about the year, as well as their plans for the future.

Most Memorable or Rewarding Part

Maggie: The most memorable/rewarding moment was probably the plant sale. I really enjoyed interacting with people in the community and helping distribute native plants!

Delaney: There were so many great learning opportunities through KCD, but the most rewarding part was getting to experience site walks with the project managers. Hearing first-hand the obstacles of each site and how they’ve addressed those concerns really helped me to understand the intricacies of riparian restoration.

Olivia: I enjoyed getting to learn many of the ways KCD is providing support and education to landowners.

Josh: Participating in the plant sale. Putting the orders together and handing them all out was satisfying.

Abby: I loved bonding with like-minded people, getting to do important work every day, and learning about best management practices when it comes to restoration. It was also cool to learn more about King County’s watersheds and the salmon that use them. A highlight was electrofishing near Newaukum Creek.

Daniel: I’m incredibly grateful for the WCC crews this year and the connections I made. I also loved going on spikes with both crews. Pulling Crupina, and doing trail work on the peninsula. I really loved getting to use a chainsaw.

Molly: I enjoyed working on a diverse range of project sites that encompass all of King County. Being on urban riparian habitat project sites specifically helped me understand the impact of our work! I got to see first-hand how restoration supports our local wildlife by providing habitat patches and enhances ecosystem services in urban landscapes.

Fiona: The most memorable part about the year was laughing and bonding with the crew. 😊 The most rewarding part about the year was learning about all of the species of plants, and their scientific names.

Sarah: The most memorable/rewarding part of my time with KCD has been the connection with my crew and the KCD staff! I felt so supported, as well as inspired, by everyone I met during my WCC term! I think I lost a little bit of my spark during the pandemic, in terms of career goals, and now, I feel reinvigorated and motivated to grow!

Your Plans After Your WCC Term

Maggie: My plans are to continue restoration work with King County Department of Natural Resources and Parks (DNRP), and to continue making connections within the field of restoration.

Delaney: I have an offer to continue with WCC on a trail crew, but I am currently undecided and still pursuing a variety of other job applications.

Olivia: Another WCC term with a crew in Elma.

Josh: Another WCC term doing trail work for Pierce County Parks and Recreation.

Abby: After WCC, I will be doing another year with AmeriCorps as a Stewardship Associate for Forterra. I’ll be leading and training volunteers, as well as habitat monitoring. I have also been accepted to UW’s Wetland Science Program and plan to do that next year.

Daniel: After WCC wraps up, I will be serving as a Stewardship Associate for Forterra. I’ll get to lead volunteer events, do habitat monitoring, and do volunteer recruitment.

Molly: I will begin another AmeriCorps position with Puget Soundkeeper Alliance serving as their Community Outreach and Engagement Coordinator.

Fiona: I have plans to travel to see family in Ireland at some point in the fall or winter, and in the meantime will be updating my resume and applying to jobs. I’m also hoping to volunteer more in and around the Seattle area

Sarah: I am going to go for another 11 months of WCC! My term was only 3 months, so I feel like there were a lot of opportunities I missed that I would like to experience.

Final Thoughts

Sarah: WCC is what you make it! Bring good energy and a willingness to learn into every day, and it will be an amazing experience.

Maggie: I had a really good time connecting with landowners and talking to them about their plans with properties and seeing that people care about being good stewards to the environment! It was reassuring to see how willing they are to work with KCD to restore streamside habitats!

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