2022 Regional Food System Grant Program Awardee: The Silent Task Force


The Silent Task Force (TSTF) dba Urban Food Systems Pact (UFSP)


UFSP Emergency Food Distribution


TSTF, in partnership with UFSP, has worked since the middle of March 2020 to fill the gaps left by the mainstream food assistance system and distribute emergency food to the Skyway neighborhood of south King County. We know these gaps well because we are members of impacted communities.

TSTF and UFSP reach diverse Black, Indigenous, People of Color residents that have historically been under-served or excluded from the emergency food access system. We have deep experience working to maximize access and minimize barriers to receiving food. TSTF and UFSP distribute food via drive-through programs and outdoor events, directly from refrigerated trucks and storage pods into clients’ cars or carts. We also allow vehicles to pick up food for multiple households to overcome transportation barriers. We deliver food at three apartment complexes, the Skyway Progressive Tiny House Village, four faith-based organizations, and four elementary schools.

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