2022 Regional Food System Grant Program Awardee: Weed Warriors


Weed Warriors, Nature Stewards Program


Urban Food Gardening Education


We will build an educational demonstration garden for urban food gardeners who don’t have access to land. It will be a container garden that consists of a paver patio, containers for growing food and pollinator plants, and a drip irrigation system. We will have a built-in chess table, so that visitors can use it in an additional way. It will also include an interpretive sign and we plan to create a container gardening class that we will offer to the public for free. We will also host 15+ free cooking and gardening classes to the public with the help of our many partners. We have included some irrigation parts, so that we can expand our irrigation system to cover our meadow area where we host events and some new equipment and supplies to help host events and volunteers. We will create new educational signs, so that people can learn while doing a self-guided garden tour. We have included some funds to pay for culturally appropriate lunches for our summer garden program students.

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