Orca Recovery Day 2022 – Braving the Smoke at Langlois Creek

Thanks to everyone who braved the smoke and came out last Saturday for Orca Recovery Day! 82 degrees and smoky in mid-October shows why it’s all the more pressing that we take actions to help our environment and wildlife.

Together, we planted 360 native shrubs along Langlois Creek on Remlinger Farms just outside of Carnation. These shrubs will grow to provide shade and shoreline stabilization for the creek that will help keep the water cool and clean and benefit the salmon that our local Southern Resident Orca depend on.

Special thanks to Congresswoman Kim Schrier and Councilmember Sarah Perry for coming out and talking to the group about the importance of conservation in King County.

Want to learn more about the Southern Resident Orca? Head to betterground.org/ord

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