2022 Kenmore Tree Giveaway

Thanks to everyone who came out to pick up their free native trees! King Conservation District and the City of Kenmore partnered together to offer free native trees to Kenmore residents. All-in-all, 321 people signed up for 632 trees, which were given out at Kenmore City Hall over the weekend.

These native trees will be planted in yards and businesses across the City of Kenmore. By planting more trees, we can increase the urban tree canopy that provides us with numerous benefits including cleaner air, more shade, happier people, and reduced stormwater runoff.

Special thanks to volunteers and staff for making this such a successful event!

KCD’s Urban Forestry Program partners with cities across King County to provide project management support for urban forest projects like tree giveaways, forested park habitat, tree canopy assessments, and access to canopy planning software. Learn more about KCD’s Urban Forestry Program.

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