Kinnikinnick – Native Plant Spotlight

Kinnikinnick (Coastal Seed) (Arctostaphylos uva-ursi)

Known as one of the finest groundcovers, Kinnikinnick is a plush, mat-forming shrub with glossy leaves that stay green all year and bright red berries that beam into winter. Arctostaphylos uva-ursi thrives in full sun to partial shade environments with sandy or well-drained soils. This low-maintenance plant is drought tolerant and a great addition to your garden, especially in areas difficult to mow.

Kinnikinnick has pink clusters of bell-shaped flowers that appear from March to June and red, festive berries that appear from July to February. These bell-shaped flowers and stunning berries are a crucial food source for birds, butterflies, and other wildlife.

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Rosie McGoldrick, 2020-2022 AmeriCorps Education & Events Specialist

Washington Native Plant Society: Kinnikinnick
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Featured Photo Credit: Walter Siegmund- Own work, CC by 2.5

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