2023 Information Technology (IT) Services Request for Quotation (RFQ)

Three RFQ Proposals for Information Technology (IT) Services were received by the deadline (April 14, 2023). After review and scoring of the proposals, AMS Technology of Puyallup was awarded the contract. AMS Technology will take over KCD’s Managed IT Services on July 1, 2023.

King Conservation District seeks a qualified consultant/firm to manage our Information Technology (IT). This includes on-site infrastructure, cloud services, troubleshooting (help Desk), and individual projects to ensure KCD has maximum technological efficiency to fulfill our Mission. This RFQ will solicit quotes, rank proposals, and select the most qualified firm. Services will include day-to-day management of our IT Services and Data Storage (Server Infrastructure) through the creation of and implementation of a comprehensive Network Management Plan for the District. To assist in this work, KCD seeks a knowledgeable IT/Network consulting firm with demonstrated experience in preparing and carrying out effective Technology Management Services.

Deadline for Proposals is April 14, 2023, at 4PM Pacific Standard Time.

Please Review the full RFP in the PDF Attachment below:
2023 Information Technology (IT) RFQ

All communication concerning this RFQ should be directed in writing to the RFQ coordinator listed below. Any oral communications will be considered unofficial and non-binding on KCD.

Matt Mega
Senior Director of Stewardship Programs
800 SW 39th St #150
Renton, WA 98057

Questions and answers to date (3/29/2023)
How many vendors will be selected?
Only 1 Vendor will be Chosen.

Who is the incumbent?
InTwo is the current Vendor.

Could you please help me with KCD Discretionary Points and cultural fit? What exactly you are looking for in this?
KCD is currently undertaking a Strategic Plan Update that will be completed later this year (2023). Two of the major focus areas of this plan will be ensuring equity and diversity is a major overlying component of all the work we do, and that we accomplish our work as a collaborative Team. These two elements strongly inform KCD culture. Our 15 discretionary points will be awarded based on how well the potential vendor demonstrates they operate as a collaborative team and instill Equity and Diversity across their organization/company.

Could you please provide me with the InTwo (Incumbent) RFP response that they have submitted previously?
This is a new RFQ process, The KCD Leadership has completely turned over in the last year, and we are not sure what previous leadership did to secure the contract with InTwo. I was unable to find any information in our records, as to whether there was a formal RFQ process or not to award InTwo the original contract.

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