Member Jurisdiction Grant Program Grant Application and Process Updated

Last year, KCD grant staff partnered with Advisory Committee members from Sound Cities Association to update the Member Jurisdiction grant application with questions about how projects will address equity and how project outcomes will be evaluated. In addition, the application form includes more background information and instructions. Visit the Member Jurisdiction Grant Program page to submit a new grant application through KCD’s grant portal.

New application questions:

Equity and Environmental Justice

Describe how this project will advance objectives of equity and environmental justice. Have you or do you plan to engage local communities and BIPOC led community-based organizations in the selection, development, design and/or implementation of your project?


Describe how your organization plans to evaluate whether your project has met the desired outcomes and outputs. The appropriate evaluation tool depends on the nature of the project, but some examples include quantitative or qualitative pre-post surveys, environmental indicator monitoring, or other measurements of change.

Updated amounts of funding available per Member Jurisdiction are posted on the webpage. These amounts exclude awards made last year and new applications already submitted this year. They include funds that were actually collected in prior years along with an estimate of what will be collected this year.

Please help us spread the word about this funding opportunity that is available to 34 cities in King County. Not every city knows about these funds or that they can choose to partner with nonprofit organizations by designating the group as an applicant. Nonprofit organizations and other groups can manage the grant requirements on behalf of the city. To learn more about what types of projects KCD funds, please contact or call 425-773-9065 or schedule a meeting via Calendly.

In 2022, King Conservation District awarded $1,321,280 for 28 projects in partnership with 14 jurisdictions. Thirteen of those grants were awarded to KCD-Seattle Community Partnership nonprofit recipients totaling $761,000. Fifteen of the grants were awarded to other jurisdictions such as Auburn, Des Moines, Bellevue and nonprofit organizations such as Partner in Employment, Environmental Science Center, White River Museum and the Des Moines Farmers Market.

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