Qualified Engineer for Geotechnical Report Request for Qualifications (RFQ)

The scope of work and RFQ was sent out April 13, 2023 to four geotechnical firms who did not respond. It was posted on the KCD website and in the Seattle Times on April 19. No contractors attended the pre-bid meeting. We received one bid from Cross Reiter and after checking their references they were chosen for the project.

King Conservation District (KCD) is seeking the services of a qualified engineer (Engineer) to complete a geotechnical report for its McAleer Creek project in Lake Forest Park. This report will analyze the conditions of a designated steep slope hazard area to determine the feasibility of a forest restoration (invasive plant removal, replanting, erosion control) project and include any recommendations for mitigation, stabilization, ground and surface water management, erosion prevention, maintenance, construction techniques, and design. Further KCD requests a determination that the proposed project does not cause a threat to the slope related hazard area, including those on adjoining sites and that the proposed project does not pose a threat to the health, safety, or welfare of the public.

Please see linked the Request for Qualifications and Project Scope of Work. The report must be completed by June 13.

If interested, please submit qualifications by 6:00 pm, Monday April 24, 2023 by emailing ellen.arnstein@kingcd.org. All bids must conform to the request for qualifications format by completing and signing the bid form included in this document.

Evaluation of bids will include consideration of project schedule, and project bids, qualifications and experience – including references and similar report examples.

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