Over 2,000 Pounds of Cover Crop Seed Distributed to 40 Community Agriculture Projects

Cover Crop Distribution 2023

KCD distributed 2,000 pounds of cover crop seeds to over 40 community agriculture projects throughout King County in August and September.

What is a cover crop you may ask? Cover crops are plants that literally cover the soil, usually planted in the fall to protect the soil from heavy winter rains and erosion. They also add organic matter and nutrients to the soil, not to mention outcompete nuisance weeds and provide food and habitat for pollinators! Plus, they help capture carbon from the atmosphere and store it in the soil. See the many benefits to using cover crops for your garden in this short video.

While it may seem like a small impact planting cover crops in your garden, if you join with the 40 community gardens who are planting 2,000 pounds of seed this year, our efforts can make a real difference in the health of our soil and in helping to mitigate climate change!

If you’re a community gardener interested in these resources and others, visit our Community Agriculture page, or contact Community Agriculture Program Coordinator Miranda.Smith@kingcd.org.

Let’s grow something great together!

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