Planning for Planting Your Native Plants

KCD Native Plant Sale orders being distributed

We occasionally get questions from customers such as:

  • How big are the plants?
  • Do I need to rent a truck to pick up my native plant sale order?

We can address these questions for you and show some examples of what to expect.

The first question is the most common question people seem to ask. The short answer, and probably the least helpful for you, is “It depends.” The longer answers follow here.

For all our products, they come in one of two forms.


While plugs are the smaller type of plant bundle, they help get your plants off to a great start planted in pots or directly in the ground. Our plug bundles have five plants.

  • Sword Fern Bundle of 5 plugs
  • Pacific Madrone Bundle of 5 Plugs


Our bareroot stock types can vary from quite small to a few feet tall. That doesn’t mean you need a large vehicle to pick up your order. The root systems and above ground twigs can be a bit gangly, and need to be handled with care. However, once they are planted in the ground and get established, you will enjoy a healthy and mature shrub or tree.

  • Examples of bareroot stock bundles being held
  • Vine Maple bareroot bundle

Order Size

Many people think that they might need a large truck to pick up an order that is quite large ($100 or more). Here are some examples of orders and things to think about.

Most orders will be combined into a bag which helps protect the plants from drying out. Upon pick-up, a customer service representative will go through the order with you to make sure your order is accurate before you leave the pick-up table.
Order before packing

An order of all plugs might fit into a small bag, while a larger order of plugs, likely will be given to customers in a tray.

A typical order fits inside of a 13 gallon bag with some taller items sticking out

Large orders may be packed into bigger bags, but they will likely fit in the back seat of a standard vehicle or pickup truck bed.

Typical large order with multiple tree, shrub and groundcover bundles

Particularly large orders (hundreds of bundles) may need to be picked up in a van or truck, but most orders are not that large unless they are being used for significant restoration or enhancement projects; or if you are picking up multiple orders.

Particularly large orders will be put into larger bags

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