NW Regional Envirothon 2024 Record Success

On March 19, 2024, over 100 students, teachers, and volunteers gathered at the Christie True (formerly Brightwater) Education Center to participate in the largest Northwest Regional Envirothon Competition to date. In attendance were twenty-one teams of enthusiastic high school students representing twelve schools and three counties across the region.

Eager to demonstrate their environmental knowledge, the students competed in teams of five to complete a series of practical and written tests in four core topic areas — Aquatic Ecology, Soils and Land Use, Forestry, and Wildlife. Additionally, teams presented on this year’s rotating current topic, “Renewable Energy for a Sustainable Future,” in which they were challenged to research and create a group presentation on the impacts of implementing various sources of renewable energy in local communities.

We are incredibly proud of the hard work, dedication, and passion displayed by all our competitors, and are pleased to announce the winners of the 2024 Northwest Regional Envirothon Competition.

First Place: Team Chinook Salmon from Tesla STEM High School in Redmond (featured photo above)
Second Place: Team Harbor Seal from Lincoln High School in Tacoma
Third Place: Team Bobcat from Franklin High School in Seattle

Envirothon is an exciting opportunity that encourages high school students to expand their knowledge in environmental topics and natural resource stewardship. Along with its educational benefits, Envirothon is a fun and engaging way for students to connect with other youth and local conservation professionals who share in their passion for the environment. Through Envirothon, students develop valuable skills like teamwork and public speaking and gain hands on experience with the tools and techniques utilized by conservation professionals in the field, such as identifying skull specimens, taking water quality measurements, evaluating wildlife habitat features in a forest, and much more. By fostering a space that encourages students to develop their environmental knowledge, we hope Envirothon provides positive experiences that will inspire our participants, and act as a catalyst for students looking to pursue education and careers in conservation.

Envirothon students at the Wildlife StationOur record-breaking turnout this year would not have been possible without the support of NCF Envirothon, the US Forest Service, and our many wonderful partners. As a result of the generous grant, we received from NCF Envirothon and the US Forest Service in 2023, we were able to improve our outreach methods, mitigate transportation costs, and develop additional study resources for underserved schools. Through this grant we were able to distribute Envirothon Study Bins to various Conservation Districts in Washington. Designed to support teams from schools that may not have existing environmental science resources or curriculum, the Envirothon Study Bins are full of tools and activities that allow students to explore each core topic. We are happy to report that based upon the success of the 2023 grant project we have received additional grant funding from NCF Envirothon and the US Forest Service in 2024 to further expand our transportation fund and improve access to quality study materials across Washington state.

Envirothon Students at the Forestry StationEnvirothon would not be possible without the help of our wonderful partners and volunteers from across the region. Thank you to all the conservation district staff and board members from King, Snohomish, Skagit, and Whatcom who organize and run Envirothon each year. We’d also like to thank Christie True (formerly Brightwater) Education Center for allowing us to use their beautiful environmental education facility, and our volunteers from King County Wastewater Treatment Division, Partner in Employment, University of Washington’s Clean Energy Institute, and Washington State University Extension Forestry for their help with training workshops, test writing, proctoring, and career guidance.

Finally, we want to express our thanks to the wonderful advisors and students for all the enthusiasm and dedication that they brought to the competition. Thank you for joining us and making this year’s Northwest Regional Envirothon one to remember!

The three top placing teams will be proceeding onto the state competition In Walla Walla this May. Tesla STEM High School in Redmond, Lincoln High School in Seattle, and Franklin High School in Seattle will all be representing the Northwest region and King County. Good luck at the state competition, teams!

To get started on your Envirothon journey and learn more, contact Chloe.Steffes@kingcd.org or call 206-379-5258 and visit WA Envirothon Current Competition for more information.

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