Green Burien Partnership Year-in-Review and Annual Report

The Green Burien Partnership’s vision is to have a healthy urban forest supporting — and supported by — an aware and engaged community. The Green Burien Partnership’s mission is to engage the community in enhancing and maintaining a healthy, sustainable urban forest in order to increase quality of life, mitigate climate change at the local level, and protect Burien’s valuable natural resources for current and future generations to enjoy. The Green Burien Partnership leads with environmental justice with the understanding that it’s our responsibility to shift the story around access to green spaces while we improve them. It is through relationship building and partnership that this work is possible. This work is guided by the Green Burien Partnership Urban Forest Stewardship Plan.

Green Burien Day on October 21, 2023 kicked off the planting season and was made possible through the collaboration of Green Burien Partnership’s partners: EarthCorps, Partner in Employment, and King Conservation District.

The City of Burien partnered with the Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust, DirtCorps, and King Conservation District
to organize and implement the second year of the Burien Green Teens internship program.

KCD supplied funding for the Paid Forest Stewards working at Hilltop Park, Arbor Lake Park, Salmon Creek Park, and Salmon Creek Ravine. Paid Forest Stewards each live in the neighborhood of their designated park.


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