KCD Launches 2024 Regional Food System Grant Opportunity

The 2024 Regional Food System Grant Program is now accepting applications!

Grant Application Deadline: Thursday, July 18, 2024 by 8pm

Funding available in 2024: $440,000

Maximum grant award per application: $40,000

Minimum grant award: $4,000

Maximum Project Period: Two years beginning January 2025

Grant applications must be submitted through KCD’s online grant portal. 

Visit the Regional Food System Grant Program page to:

  • Review the grant application instructions before you apply.
  • Download a copy of the grant application in Word format to draft your answers offline and copy and paste into the online grant application.
  • Start your application in the grant portal.
  • Download optional letter templates for fiscal sponsor confirmation and landowner.

New this year!

  • Public apply page – Interested applicants can view the grant opportunities available at KCD without having to create an account. You can preview the application before you get started.
  • Word version of the application available to fill out offline and copy and paste your answers into the only application later.
  • Eligibility quiz to help guide applicants to the grant program that fits their project needs.
  • Language and technical assistance resources will be available.

This grant program supports the following Local Food Initiative goals:

  • Better connect local farms to consumers.
  • Increase access to healthy affordable foods in underserved areas.
  • Support farmers and protect farmland.
  • Create a sustainable farm-to-plate pipeline more resilient to the effects of climate change.

Successful grant applications will demonstrate that their projects are intended to create benefits in the regional food system and accomplish one or more of the following actions:

  • Increase demand for and promote sales of King County farm products.
  • Increase access to local food for communities in need.
  • Led by the regional food community.
  • Improve food system infrastructure and capacity.
  • Contribute to the economic viability of local farms.
  • Support beginning farmers.
  • Expand acreage in food production or improve production in an existing space.

If you need support with the grant portal or would like to request for language and/or technical assistance, please contact Jessica.Saavedra@kingcd.org or call/text her at 425-773-9065.

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