KCD’s office is open Monday through Friday from 8:30am to 5:00pm. All KCD Staff may be reached by phone or email.

Business Hours: Monday – Friday; 8:30am – 5:00pm

E-mail: district@kingcd.org If you have specific questions or inquiries about KCD’s Soil Testing program, please contact soiltests@kingcd.org.

Phone: 425-282-1900

Address: 800 SW 39th St, Suite 150, Renton, WA 98057

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King Conservation District (KCD) is a natural resources assistance agency authorized by Washington State and guided by the Washington State Conservation Commission. Our mission is to promote the sustainable use of natural resources through responsible stewardship. A five-member Board of Supervisors is responsible for overseeing all KCD programs and activities.

Since 1949, KCD has been helping the people of King County manage their natural resources. KCD staff educate landowners, schools, scientists, consultants and agencies in how to recognize problem situations and how to avoid creating them. KCD also provides technical assistance in solving their problems.

KCD works hand-in-hand with the local office of the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS). The NRCS provides technical assistance to KCD, conducts training sessions for KCD personnel and develops the practices and standards which KCD uses to develop and implement projects.

KCD promotes conservation through demonstration projects, educational events, providing technical assistance and, in some cases, providing or pointing the way to funds which may be available for projects. KCD has no regulatory or enforcement authority and only works with those who choose to work with KCD.

KCD’s service area includes 34 cities and all of unincorporated King County with the exclusion of City of Enumclaw, City of Federal Way, City of Milton, City of Pacific and City of Skykomish.

All landowners within KCD services area boundaries are entitled to free information and technical assistance for water quality protection, wildlife habitat enhancement, farm conservation plans, soil and slope stability information, native plant products, manure match information, volunteer opportunities, stream restoration/enhancement assistance and many other natural resource topics.

KCD is funded primarily by a per-parcel Rates and Charges fee. All of unincorporated King County and 34 cities (with the exception of those list above) are members of King Conservation District. KCD receives some funding from the Washington State Conservation Commission. We also receive grants from other state, federal and local sources such as the Urban Resources Partnership, Washington Department of Ecology, the Conservation Commission Research Grant and King County Community Development Block Grants. Although KCD is authorized by the state legislature, it is not a state agency and does not receive an ongoing operating budget from the state’s General Fund, as most state agencies do.

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