King Conservation District’s (KCD’s) Advisory Committee is composed of a total of 15 elected officials and senior staff from cities, the County, and organizations across King County, as well as their alternates. King County, the Sound Cities Association and KCD each have responsibility to fill certain seats with appropriate and effective representatives.

The Advisory Committee extends KCD’s reach into its broad community of stakeholders by bringing diverse and expanded perspectives back to KCD’s Board of Supervisors. The Advisory Committee deliberates on policy issues and forwards its recommendations to the Board.

KCD recently passed a new InterLocal Agreement with King County for 2020-2024. KCD’s board of Supervisors will take action in 2020 to form a new Advisory Committee and fill the roster. Until that time, there are no KCD Advisory Committee meetings or actions.

Are you a King County urban or rural landowner and are you interested in serving on KCD’s Advisory Committee? Please contact Mark Dostal.

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