King Conservation District is a metropolitan conservation district serving 34 cities and unincorporated King County. Over 2.2 million people call our district home, and we are committed to ensuring that all of them have access to local food, healthy forests and clean water. By working with our partners at King County, Sound Cities Association, farmers, rural landowners, urban residents, volunteers, community-based organizations and our municipal partners, KCD extends the reach of our programs and services and broadens the impact of our work to restore tree canopy, expand wildlife habitat and grow our regional food system.

With median home prices in Seattle over $804,000 and in King County at $747,200, the pressure to develop in our suburban and rural communities continues. However, preserving and protecting our green infrastructure – whether it be tree canopy, farms, or life-supporting clean waterways – is still as critical as ever while our population grows and communities become more dense.

With 55 percent of King County’s land in private ownership, these parcels are critical to the environmental health of our region. Transferring expertise and providing support to ensure these residents have the tools they need to look after the natural resources in their care means a healthier environment for all.

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