2015 Interlocal Agreement (Adobe Acrobat PDF)


Strategic Plan

Our 5-year Strategic Implementation Plan outlines the ways in which KCD proposes to implement its proposed new programs and expand specific current programs, in response to guidance received from KCD’s Advisory Committee and the general public. For more, please visit: KCD 2015 5-Year Implementation Plan (PDF)

Program of Work

KCD’s 2018 Program of Work was developed in consultation with KCD’s Advisory Committee. The implementation plan is organized in the following areas:

Here is a link to KCD’s 2018 proposal to the Metropolitan King County Council2018 KCD Program of Work (PDF)

Archived Program Documents

2017 KCD Program of Work (PDF)
2016 KCD Program of Work (PDF)
KCD 5-Year Implementation Plan (PDF)
2014 KCD Annual Report (PDF)
KCD Support Letters (PDF)
FCS Rates & Charges Study (PDF)
2015 Advisory Committee KCD Draft Scoping (PDF)
2015 Timeline (PDF)
2015 Focus Area Fact Sheet – Overview (PDF)
2015 Focus Area Fact Sheet – Forestry (PDF)
2015 Focus Area Fact Sheet – Regional-Food (PDF)
2015 Focus Area Fact Sheet – Rural Agriculture (PDF)
2015 Focus Area Fact Sheet – Community Agriculture (PDF)
2015 Focus Area Fact Sheet – Shorelines (PDF)
2014-15 Advisory Committee Contact List


Rates and Charges

FSG Study

Member Jurisdictions

Property Tax Information

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