Logo Usage Requirements

All partners and organizations wanting or required to use KCD logos, need to follow these guidelines. KCD expects our logo to be proudly displayed on all signage supported with KCD funds.

  • Language acknowledging the support of KCD is also acceptable. For example: “This project funded with a grant from King Conservation District.”
  • KCD’s logo should be of high resolution, correctly formatted, and easily readable from the common distance the sign will be read.
  • KCD’s logo should be similar in prominence as the sign header or title language, typically no smaller than 10% of the overall sign.
  • Please include communicating with KCD in early drafts of interpretive signage to ensure correct usage.
  • To ensure you are using the correct logo, please only use KCD’s logo provided by KCD (downloadable on this page).

Logos to Use

  • Preferably use the dark green logo when possible. If alternate colors are preferred, please contact us to get approval.
  • Use one of the logos in the sidebar. Please DO NOT use the old 2 color KCD logo.
  • KCD’s logo should be presented in one of the four KCD-branded colors shown below. It is acceptable to use KCD’s logo in white when the background color is dark. Presenting KCD’s logo in black should be used only if a printing is entirely done in black and white.

File Types

  • Use EPS or TIF files for print.
  • Use JPG or PNG files for online.

Sizing, Scaling and Rotation

  • Always scale the images with constrained aspect ratios.
  • Always keep KCD logo level. Do not use KCD logo rotated at an angle or 90 degrees.

Video Acknowledgements

Please select the style of acknowledgement that integrates well with your project.

Funded by King Conservation District


Funded by King Conservation District


Funded by King Conservation District

Large Projects

For signage or other large print projects, send PDF drafts to KCD for final approval before final printing or construction.


High Resolution CMYK Encapsulated PostScript Files – Suitable for print and signage.

KCD logos – PNG.zip
Transparent RGB PNG files – Suitable for online use  as well as using in video projects where transparency might be helpful.

KCD logos – CMYK TIF.zip
CMYK TIF files – Suitable for lower- resolution print projects like flyers and reports.

Color and Font Design Standards

2020 KCD Color and Font Guidelines

Pantone # Cyan Magenta Yellow Black Red Green Blue Hex Value
Main Colors
Pantone 574 73 47 10 51 50 70 30 #32461e
Pantone 7495 42 19 100 1 160 173 57 #a0ad39
Highlight Colors
Pantone 302 94 24 0 76 0 53 85 #003555
Pantone 1675 0 69 100 31 179 83 19 #b35313


The appropriate file types are provided on this page for download. If you need a file that is not supplied on this page or if you have any questions about branding or using the various file types, please contact us.

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