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Learn to Grow Your Own Groceries!

No matter if you only have a tiny apartment deck, small garden space, or plenty of acreage you can grow fresh food in a healthier, more environmentally friendly way.

Join Snohomish Cooperative Extension starting October 12, 2022 for the first class in the Growing Groceries Education Series, classes designed to help you learn how to grow your own food.

All classes are online via Zoom on Wednesday evenings from 7:00pm – 9:00pm. Have to miss a class? No problem! A link to an online recording will be sent to everyone registered along with links to resources and more!

  • October 12 : Starting a Vegetable Garden
  • November 9 : Healthy Soil = Healthy Plants
  • December 7 : Raising the Onion and Beet Families
  • January 11 : Irrigation and Weed Management
  • January 18 : Pruning Fruit Trees
  • January 25 : Pea/Bean Family and Cover Cropping
  • February 1 : Raising Berries in Western Washington
  • February 8 : Seed Starting and Raising Transplants
  • February 15 : Raising Broccoli and Buckwheat Families
  • February 22 : Raising the Tomato/Potato Family
  • March 1 : Using Hoop Houses and Greenhouse
  • March 8 : Raising the Cucumber/Squash Family
  • March 15 : Raising Carrot, Lettuce, and Corn Families
  • March 22 : Raising Culinary and Tea Herbs
  • March 29 : Pests, Predators and Pollinators

With an overall focus on limited space/resources, and the combined challenges of western Washington weather and soils, this series of speakers and topics will help beginners and long time gardeners, learn more about growing food using healthy and sustainable practices. Take all 15 Growing Groceries classes for $50 or take the classes you want at $5 per class.

Sponsored by WSU Snohomish County Extension Growing Groceries and Master Gardener programs.


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