Horse Farm Tour (English & Spanish): Mud, Manure, & Native Plants

Visit a 20-acre horse and alpaca property that effectively manages mud and manure, and provides healthy wildlife habitat.

Nestled along Coal Creek, Trinity Ranch worked with KCD to plant native trees and shrubs along the water to prevent erosion and reduce the spread of invasive blackberries. Trinity has also built some awesome composting bins and great paddock drainage – both good to check out before winter rains. Get ideas for managing mud, utilizing native plants, and composting animal manure. See well-cared-for animal residents with reduced environmental impacts.

This is a family-friendly event! Come for breakfast at 9:45am.There will be a table set up with kid activities as well as an adult to monitor the table.

This tour is held on private property. Address and directions will be emailed out to those registered the week of the event.

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