Managing Wildfire Risk Around Your Western Washington Home


February 17


06:30 pm - 07:30 pm

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Education, Forestry, KCD, Webinar

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forestry, Puget Sound, webinar, Wildfire Preparedness, wildfire resiliency


Multiple Conservation Districts


Nationally, approximately 10 million acres were burned in 2020, with approximately 6 million of those acres burned in the Western United States. In 2020, Washington State had approximately 1,700 fires that burned over 813,000 acres and damaged or destroyed 724 structures. The Sumner Grade fire was one of the largest Wildfire Urban Interface fires that Western Washington has seen in some time, burning over 700 acres and damaging and destroying multiple homes.

Congressional Representative Dr. Kim Schrier will be giving a brief introduction and highlighting the work she has been doing in Congress to assist with wildfire mitigation efforts in Washington state and beyond.

Join Matthew Axe, KCD Wildfire and Forest Resiliency Coordinator for this free webinar for information on how you can protect your home and community from wildfire events. Participants will receive a Zoom link after registering and filling out a very short pre-webinar survey.

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