Managing Wildfire Risk to Your Western Washington Home


King Conservation District


Did you know that with the right environmental conditions, we can have wildfires in Western Washington?

Nationally over approximately 8 million acres were burned in 2020, approximately 6 million of those acres burned located in the Western United States. In 2020, Washington State had approximately 1,700 fires that burned over 813,000 acres and damaged or destroyed 724 structures. The Sumner fire was one of the largest Wildfire Urban Interface fire Western Washington has recently, burning over 500 acres and damaging multiple homes.

While we are staying home and staying healthy, there are several simple actions we can take to prepare our homes, families, and communities to be wildfire resilient this fire season.

Join King Conservation District on Thursday, May 6, 2021 at 6:00pm for a FREE LIVE webinar on how you can protect your home and community from wildfire. This webinar will be hosted by KCD’s Wildfire and Forest Resiliency Project Coordinator Matt Axe, with guest speakers:

  • Ashley Blazina, WA Department of Natural Resources (WADNR)
  • Matthew Axe, King Conservation District
  • Lara Whitley Binder, King County Emergency Management
  • Addison Houston Public Health–Seattle & King County, Environmental Health Service Division

Learn about

  • Western Washington wildfire patterns
  • Fire behavior
  • Wildland Urban Interface and climate change
  • Creating a defensible space around your home
  • Writing an evacuation plan
  • King County Wildfire Strategy
  • Protecting yourself from wildfire smoke

Questions? Contact or 425-773-5060.

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